MT-50 Remote Meter for Tracer Series Solar Charge Controller MPPT

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MT-50 Remote Meter for Tracer Series Solar Charge Controller MPPT and Program EPsolar Controller with LS-B, LS-BP, Tracer-A Series

  • Automatic identify the controller and display relevant parameter data
  • Large-screen informative LCD displays all the operating data and system working status
  • Simple and convenient operation
  • A real-time alarm of failure information
  • Longer communication distance based on RS485
  • Diversified load control modes: Manual Control, Light ON/OFF, Light ON+ Timer, Time Control
  • Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and User(programmable)
  • Programmable parameters
  • Automatically identify and display the type, model and relevant parameter data of controllers;
  • Energy statistics display function
  • Real-time display the operational data and working status of the connection devices in digital, graphics and textual forms by a large-screen multifunction LCD;
  • Direct, convenient and rapid operation of six navigation function keys;
  • Both data and power flowing on the same lead, no need for external power;
  • Real-time data monitoring and remote load switchover of the controllers, and data browse and modification of device parameters, charge control parameters and load control parameters;
  • Real-time display and acoustic alarm of failure information of the connected devices;
  • Longer communication distance based on RS485.


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