Real MPPT Solar Charge Controller Improve current 30% 60V10A Step down charge all kinds battery 48V36V24V12V


Real MPPT mode Step down Solar charge controller, Waterproof, Led indicator

Inside 60V/10A buck converter 480W(Max output), input voltage auto hold at definite voltage when charge so that increase charge current 30 %. Can charge the lithium battery. Auto float charges and stops charging when battery full. Can charge 48V36V24V/12V/3.7V Battery.

Solar Panal input voltage: 10V-60V;

Up limit charge voltage : 3.6V-60V(User define,default 14.4V);

3.7V—4.2V;12V—14.4V;24V—28.8V; 36V—43.2V;48V—57.6V;

Output power :480W(Max);

Charge current :10A(max);

MPPT voltage:System auto set;


Inside reverse discharge protection ;

Environment temperature range: -30 Centigrade -60 Centigrade;

Thermal protection:80 degrees shut down, auto recover;

Led Indicator: Always on(battery full)/ Blink(Charging), only correct to connect a battery and has sunshine.

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